Advanced Dentistry Techniques: Restorative Bonding in Pets

If you had one heck of a sweet tooth as a kid, you have probably undergone dental restoration at some stage. Cavities, or any defect in the tooth enamel, can require a restorative bonding procedure, like a filling or crown. Although rare, pets get cavities, or caries, too. Different from typical periodontal disease, which can [...]

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What Does Kissing Have to Do With My Pet’s Inflamed Mouth?

You may have heard of kissing disease in people, caused by mononucleosis, but that does not cause your pet’s inflamed mouth. Another moniker that includes “kissing” is the culprit. Kissing lesions are often the main reason behind red, painful, inflamed gum, tongue, and oral tissue in pets. These lesions are known as chronic ulcerative paradental [...]

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The High Cost of Dental Disease: Lowering Your Pet’s Dental Care Costs

As a pet owner, you may be reluctant to pay for your furry pal’s biannual dental cleaning. You schedule twice-yearly visits with your own dentist, but you think your dog is supposed to have bad breath. But, doggy breath is not normal—it’s actually a sign of underlying periodontal disease that can be wreaking havoc not [...]

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That Bites: Dental Malocclusions and Abnormal Bites in Pets

Dental malocclusion and abnormal bites in pets are relatively common, and can range from barely noticeable, with no discomfort, to severe bite misalignments between the upper and lower dental arches, which make chewing difficult and painful. Although any dog or cat may suffer from dental malocclusion, this disorder is common in purebred dogs. A famous [...]

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The Trouble With Extra Teeth: What You Should Know About Your Pet’s Persistent Baby Teeth

Occasionally, we refer to a young puppy as a “shark mouth,” not necessarily because of her penchant for nipping at exposed flesh, but because she has double rows of teeth. Like people, cats and dogs should have one row of teeth, with adult teeth replacing their baby teeth. However, a pet’s baby teeth may hold [...]

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What You Need to Know About COVID-19 and Your Pet

As businesses, states, and entire countries are being shut down to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the new coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, you are likely wondering how this respiratory illness can affect you and your pet. As this situation is rapidly evolving, we recommend searching the following sources for accurate, up-to-date information, rather [...]

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How Regular Dental Cleanings Keep Your Pet’s Mouth Healthy and Pain-free

Is there any pain more excruciating than a toothache? We don’t think so, which is why we are such strong advocates for twice-yearly thorough oral exams and dental cleanings for your furry pal. Although your pet is likely reluctant to let you know she’s suffering from oral pain, scheduling a visit twice per year will [...]

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