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Resolving Resorptive Lesions in Dogs

Resorptive lesions, which until recently have been known as a common feline dental condition, are now appearing more frequently in dogs. This uptick in canine resorptive lesions could be due to veterinarians completing more thorough periodontal exams and taking regular dental X-rays. Although they most commonly affect the teeth of the upper jaw, these painful, [...]

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What You Need to Know About Stomatitis in Your Pet

Stomatitis essentially means “inflammation of the mouth,” and it can be called several different names: ulcerative stomatitis, idiopathic stomatitis, lymphocytic-plasmacytic stomatitis, or chronic ulcerative paradental stomatitis. No matter what this condition is called, it is extremely painful to any pet unfortunate enough to be affected. Cats tend to suffer more from stomatitis conditions, but dogs [...]

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