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A Dog Owner’s Guide to Resorptive Lesions

Usually considered a common feline condition, resorptive lesions are being diagnosed more frequently in dogs. This issue can cause significant pain for your dog and affect their overall health. Our team at Animal Dental Clinic would like to offer you some information on this problematic condition to help you protect your dog’s dentition. What are [...]

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Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Cats: An Overview

Cats are not always the most cooperative patients when their mouth needs examining, but routine checks of the inside of their oral cavity can yield vital health information. Most importantly, these check-ups can reveal an oral tumor that may otherwise go unnoticed until growing too large to effectively treat. Oral squamous cell carcinoma is one [...]

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Animal Dental Clinic’s Favorite Dental-Health Products for Your Pet

Although you routinely schedule comprehensive dental cleanings for your furry pal, their breath still develops a rank odor between cleanings. If you practiced dental hygiene only when you visited your dentist twice a year, your breath would be in the same rough shape. Help your pet out—and enjoy their kisses—by implementing an at-home dental care [...]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings in Pets

When you visit your local grooming facility with your furry pal, you may notice a sign advertising anesthesia-free dental cleanings. Intrigued about your pet’s teeth being cleaned without your pet undergoing anesthesia, you take note of the number, intending to make an appointment. But, before you sign your pet up for a procedure that is [...]

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Advanced Dentistry Techniques: Restorative Bonding in Pets

If you had one heck of a sweet tooth as a kid, you have probably undergone dental restoration at some stage. Cavities, or any defect in the tooth enamel, can require a restorative bonding procedure, like a filling or crown. Although rare, pets get cavities, or caries, too. Different from typical periodontal disease, which can [...]

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What Does Kissing Have to Do With My Pet’s Inflamed Mouth?

You may have heard of kissing disease in people, caused by mononucleosis, but that does not cause your pet’s inflamed mouth. Another moniker that includes “kissing” is the culprit. Kissing lesions are often the main reason behind red, painful, inflamed gum, tongue, and oral tissue in pets. These lesions are known as chronic ulcerative paradental [...]

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